Bones and Brownies


poor ninja gotta fight in the sun while wearin all black

it’s too hot for this…

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Might have to stay at my aunt and uncle’s for another night. :(

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I hate 80s fashion and so does Tam, but I couldn’t stop myself from doing this anyway. 

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queerlupine’s hp super fine male model fancast

yassine rahal as james potter

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(Source: coral-mermaids)

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I think I’m finally feeling better. The nausea is largely gone and my head isn’t swimming. Still want to cry sometimes, but I think I’ll push through.

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The Land Before Swine ✂ obsidianchameleon

"I can’t believe you did all that for Waddles!"
"Ah, well. I can’t have my favorite niece not talking to me. And if I gotta leap onto a pterodactyl and punch him in the face, then that’s what I gotta do."
"That’s kinda sappy."
"W-what? That’s how I feel!"

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It’s just like being at SDCC! Now where’s FullBars?

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Introducing theSocial Intelligence Test! From what I can tell, it’s sponsored by Harvard and it’s rather interesting. The basis is you look at pictures of people going through different emotions and decide what emotion they’re feeling. The trick is, you can only see their eyes.

How well can you read people? I never thought I was good at it, but I scored rather high on this test. It was a very interesting experience! I highly recommend taking this!

Your score on this test was 29 out of 36.

The average result for adult population is 26 out of 36.

Note that your screen, ambient light, and other factors might have impacted your result. Also, because all the images used in this study were of Caucasians (i.e., white people), your exposure to Caucasian faces might also have affected your score.

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BBC Natural World

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White-faced Scops Owl by royspiccys

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person : why do you draw everything facing left in 3/4 view

me : im a right handed mediocre artist 

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I miss our dog. My aunt and uncle’s pets are cool, but they aren’t Cookie. It’s keeping me from feeling really happy as of late.

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