Bones and Brownies


WOW that last post got a lot of notes. Anyways, here’s some digital doodles with a lot of weird negative space, and a half done pencil sketch of a human bill cipher. (i’ve seen a lot of very… pretty human bill ciphers, and he’s supposed to be unsettling (i think) so i went for unsettling. whaddya say kids, is it worth the effort to finish it?)

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I edited this Robbie V pic so he’s looking at the viewer all awkward like. It’s now my desktop background.

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Cos some people wanted to see. Robbie V from Gravity Falls in my style. With muffin!splosion :D

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I only have 2 things in my head right now so logically the next step was to put them together of course

Also disasterscenario's fault she got the Mermando idea in my head

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Jed Elinoff & Scott Thomas
Credit roll
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Music by Brad Breeck! 

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More Gravity Free! because yes, I’m still on this. Just featuring Makoto this time.

If you don’t think Makoto would love a couple of scrappy twins who are just like his younger siblings…

Also I need to practice drawing Soos OTL

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More Gravity Free! Now in technicolor.

Because why not.

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Bonus Gravity Free! comic: Council of Authority on Hot Boys’ Bods.

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one of the most beautiful sailor moons there

a pic from otakon! thank you ^.^


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Well I was always pretty sure that’s the case but it’s interesting to get it confirmed!

Gems are Gems! 


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| the magic begins |

favorite character - neville longbottom

"In one swift, fluid motion, Neville broke free of the Body-Bind Curse upon;the flaming hat fell off him and he drew from its depths something silver, with a glittering, rubied handle—"

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List of regrets

That’s it that’s the whole list

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true as fuck zodiac - prominent features
aries: so fucking stubborn. they will hold a grudge til the end of time
taurus: they are fucking nerds.
gemini: defo the random outbursts
cancer: rudeness. so fucking rude. god damn.
leo: they're about 4'9"
virgo: they don't want to talk to you at all
libra: weird ass laugh
scorpio: the fact that you can directly see hell in their eyes
sagittarius: fuckin strange ass humor
capricorn: creepy fucking smile
aquarius: kinda givin off a gay vibe
pisces: p conceited and that shit is not confidence as they may think it is
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It really warms my heart to see the library looking out for its community in the light of everything happening in Ferguson.

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EDIT: Be sure to follow Ferguson Library on twitter.

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